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Simple Focus

Prayer Focus is Updated Saturday's at 10 AM MST for the following week. Why Saturday? Because it is the Sabbath and the End/Start of the Next week. The Prayer is updated on Saturday so that the following Thursday (6 days later) people can pray together. That gives 6 days of time for people to see the new prayer topic.

Regular Prayer Topics

Don't like the prayer topic for this week? Well that sucks. Here is a list of things we should be praying for regularly to pray for instead.

- Pray for the Community Leaders (Your Town, Your Church, Your State, etc.)

- Pray for the
Church body (Healing, protection, identity, etc. all in your area.)

- Pray for the
College Students (Leaders, attendees of Bible clubs, etc. This is the future generations here.)

- Pray for
Neighbors (Those who live around you in your sphere of influence.)

- Pray for
Restoration of the Land (Fires, droughts, etc.)

- Pray for the
Outpouring of the Holy Spirit (That those who believe walk in fullness and those who do not believe may experience Adonai.)

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Lets Pray Together is a Socorro, NM based initiative.

A simple way to combat the forces of darkness and the principalities of the Air.
Trust God, Love Him and follow His ways.

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